Martin Blackman aka Embee was born in 1973 in Essex.

Indicas Rhythm 
Ego Trippin 

Martin grew up listening to his brothers record collection of early hip hop and funk and as such got the bug to be a DJ. Martin bought his first set of desks in 1988, they were wooden and had no pitch.
He and some pals needed to rewire it to connect a mixer into the set up so he could learn to mix and cut using his brothers records as inspiration. Proper Oldskool business!

Soon martin met up and became friends with Daren Ellis “Daz”, Leon Nunn and Ross Emmins all were into the same thing djing! In 1989 in early 1990's Martin and Ross were asked by Daz founder of Cyndicut FM to come on board and the rest is history. 

Martin went on to become resident on Cyndicut's early years of broadcasting and played various party's and raves associated with Cyndicut FM. In 1994 Martin with the help of Daz and others released his first record on splash recordings which was “Niceness” and “MY MY MY”. 

Between 1994 and 2002 Martin had worked on and produced extensive Discography as well as DJ'ing across America with DJ Asides and into Europe and back home in the UK making many appearances on Radio 1 and Kiss FM. Martins early successes include Computer Rock charting at number one in the Radio 1 drum and bass chart in 1998 followed up by “Is it good enuff for ya” coming in at number 4. Martin has also produced some tracks for use in TV and had great success having his work used through out the world.  

Martin took a break from music in 2002 to pursue a love of vintage aviation and has recently come back into music production. Martin can now be found producing Funk, House, Trap as well as DnB and many more diverse styles of music for TV media and  film productions. Martin came back into drum and bass production in 2015 and had success in 2016 releasing 6 tracks all from same styled session of heavy dub influenced amen smashers. These can be found on various independent record labels. Martin also worked on an unofficial version of Daz's Babylon remix to help promote the re launch of Juice records, look out for new material coming soon.

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Computer Rock

Embee released on Juice Records 1997